Nicholas holds regular sacred pipe ceremonies.

These are a Native American tradition, where the spirit powers are invited, and a sacred pipe is passed around the circle of people gathered. In the ceremony, each person takes a turn to make prayers across the pipe, before passing it on to the next person in the circle.

The pipe contains a small amount of tobacco, but traditionally one does not breath in the smoke when the sacred pipe is passed, as the smoke is said to belong to Spirit.

Nicholas has walked with the sacred pipe for over 30 years, having been taught the ceremony and traditional sacred pipe songs by a variety of teachers from the Lakota and other peoples. His pipe was blessed and awakened by the late Oglala medicine man Ed Eagle Man MaGaa.

Pipe ceremonies are held in his house in North Pembrokeshire on a Sunday afternoon each month, the dates are normally around the middle of each month.

Ceremonies are always free to attend, and you are welcome, but it is a good idea to contact him beforehand if you are traveling far, just to make sure the pipe ceremony is running as scheduled.

It is traditional to bring a small gift in exchange for the ceremony, often this takes the form of a small quantity of food - such as a cake - which is shared with the circle afterwards... the traditional closing words to many Lakota ceremonies are "Now let's eat!"

An article about pipe ceremonies can found HERE

Please email for pipe ceremony dates.