These are free articles about different aspects of shamanism, which you can download and read if you wish. They are all in .pdf format, and most of them were written by Nicholas.

Feel free to share them in anyway you wish, but please do not republish them in any way without direct written permission from Nicholas - email.

Connecting with the Beyond
An Introduction to Creating and Maintaining Domestic Altars

Coat of Power
The Construction and Symbolism of Siberian Shaman’s Coats

Spirit of the Blacksmith
An introduction to Damjin Dorlig, the Southern Siberian Blacksmith Spirit

Hiding the Spirit Eyes
Shaman’s Face Masks of Siberia

Buryat Shaman’s Horse Staffs

Shamans at the Centre of the World
A Brief Introduction to the Shamanism of Kazakhstan and Central Asia

The Killing of Demons
Healing with a Tibetan Phurba Ritual Dagger

Monastic Authorised Shamans
The Lhapa Tradition of Tibet

Dolls and Ritual
The Use of Human Effigies in Shamanism and Sorcery

At The Centre Of Creation
The Making of Sacred Space for Ritual or Ceremony

Shaman Snakes From Siberia
Naga symbolism in Mongolian and Siberian Shamanic Costumes

Mirrors of the Soul
The Use of Metal Mirrors in Asian Shamanism

The Shaman Transformed
Transgenderism in Siberian Shamanism

Bringers of the Rain
The Naga Spirits of Asia

The Heart of Compassion

The Eternal Blue Sky
Tengerism - the Animism behind Shamanism

The Art of Bone
The Use of Human Bone in Tibetan Ritual

Soul Drum
The Shamanic Frame Drums of Siberia

Ultimate Gesture
The Ritual Objects of Tibetan Buddhism

Seized By The Spirit
An Interview with The Venerable Thupten Ngodup State Oracle Of Tibet

Tiger Bells
An Introduction to the small Bronze Bells found on Shaman’s Clothes and Objects

Tyger Tyger
Tigers in the Buddhist and Shamanic Traditions of Tibet