Nicholas teaches specificly themed weekends on various aspects of shamanism, and also works one to one with people when required.

Weekends with him are generally for people who have some solid shamanic 'air-miles under their belt,' and who wish to take shamanism further and deepen their practice.

Because of this, the weekends are not designed for beginners, or those with limited expereince, unless clearly stated so in the description of the weekend.

People attending weekends need a good connection with their spirits, and a good ability to go on shamanic drum journeys.

Weekends are generally held in his house, which is in a small village in North Pembrokeshire, West Wales. It is here that he practices his shamanism and produces Sacred Hoop Magazine.

The location is rural - please be aware there is no public transport, and the nearest railway station is about an hour's drive away at Carmarthen. Bristol - the nearest city in England - is about 3 to 4 hours drive away, and it is around a 6 or 7 hour car drive from London each way. Your own transport is essential.

Nicholas likes to offer teaching weekends in ways that have their roots in the old shamanic apprenticeship tradition - generally offering teachings to small groups, in his house - rather than larger groups in a workshop venue. For Nicholas, shamanism is what he does, and his house is where he does it.

Accommodation for those attending teachings is local B&B (a B&B and campsite list will be supplied). There is limited B&B accommodation within easy walking distance of his house, and plenty of other accomodation within a short drive of the house.

A basic vegetarian lunch is provided on both days of a weekend, and an evening meal is provided on the Saturday evening (special diets not catered for).

There is a very limited number of places for any weekend, generally no more than six people.


There is an old saying: 'the teachings are priceless - but the teacher has to eat'

For teaching weekends at Nicholas's house there is no charge for the teachings, but a financial gift is expected in return for them. This is a method of working Nicholas has taken on from his traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachers.

Gifts for the teachings are best given in a sealed envelope, which will not be opened until everyone has left.

For teaching events in his house in Wales, there is a small non-refundable up-front charge of £30 per head per weekend, this is due when you have been offered a place, and it needs to be paid ahead of the weekend to secure your place. This charge covers the cost of the food and the basic running costs of the weekend.

Weekends and courses in other venues, and in other countries, may have set fees due to the difficulty of working on a donations basis in those places.

On weekends that require the need for personal ritual objects - such as bronze mirrors - items can be obtained from Nicholas, either before or during the weekend.


Nicholas is able to offer one-to-one shamanic teaching by arrangement. These can be arranged either midweek or on a weekend, and are done on a donations basis.

He also has a few longer term students, whom he works with on a regular basis. These are more like apprentices, and although Nicholas does not seek people to work with like this, he is always happy to hear from people who feel deeply drawn to his way of working, and who might wish to take their practice deeper.