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Teaching and Mentoring  ...

Nicholas is able to offer one-to-one shamanic teaching by arrangement. He likes to work in a 'old-time way,' working with students in a domestic way, generally working from his in his house, which is in a small village in North Pembrokeshire, West Wales. It is here that he practices his shamanism and produces Sacred Hoop Magazine.

He only very rarely teaches workshops, but instead works with people, who come to him either for one off teachings, or who want to work with him on an on-going basis. 

On-going work can include both shamanic mentoring and also formal apprenticeships for people with whom it seems appropriate.

Although Nicholas does not seek people to work with like this, he is always happy to hear from people who feel deeply drawn to his way of working, and who might wish to take their practice deeper.

To enquire about arranging some teaching please email Nick

An Exchange for the Teachings ...

There is an old saying: 'the teachings are priceless - but the teacher has to eat.' it costs Nicholas in time and sometimes sacred supplies, ritual objects and craft materials when he gives teachings, so giving an energy exchange of some sort is honourable

For teachings given by Nicholas there is no charge, but a financial gift - what ever the student can afford or feels is appropriate - is expected in return for them. This is a traditional method of working that Nicholas has taken on from his Tibetan Buddhist teachers and also from some of his shamanic teachers.

Gifts for the teachings are best given in a sealed envelope, which will not be opened until everyone has left.

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